Channel 4’s Michela Chiappa confirmed for Malton Food Fest!

Channel 4’s Michela Chiappa and her sisters, Emi and Romina will be appearing at the Malton Food Lovers Festival in May 2014.

Michela Chiappa and her sisters starred in their own hit channel 4 series ‘Simply Italian’ and wrote a hit book to accompany the series.

Michela, Emi and Romina Chiappa grew up in Wales in the heart of a close-knit Italian community where food was always at the centre of family and social gatherings. Whether searching for porcini in the hills near their parents’ home, or making pasta for Christmas Eve with the whole family, to sharing food at the annual Welsh-Italian summer picnic, the three sisters have been immersed in the Italian way of cooking all their lives.

What they say of themselves “Wales and Italy, family and food: for us, these four things are inextricably linked and at the root of our upbringing. Whether at the family home in Wales or when we spend holidays in the small hilltop village we are from in northern Italy, we have always heard Dad say that ‘la tavola’ (the table) is the central focus of our lives. It’s where we cook, eat and socialise as a family.’

The Malton food lovers festival is on 24 and 25 May 2014. For more info click here!

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